Behind the Video


Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live on November 17, 2012. His appearance met mixed reviews from both critics and the general public. But, The Stand Off was an unmitigated highlight. The skit, which was filmed in advance, is a parody on the many cinematic stand off’s we’ve bared witness to over the years, and will, no doubt, see more of in the future. The episode was directed by Don Roy King, whose collaboration with Saturday Night Live stretches back to 2006. (Mr. King has also collaborated on many other major shows such as: Criss Angel Mindfreak, The Howard Stern Show and even Survivor.) The Stand Off short stared Jeremy Renner, Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan as the tough guys, in a, shall we say, elongated “Mexican” Stand Off.

Mike Ryan of the Huffington Post gave The Stand Off an 8.0 on the SNL Scoreboard. He believed the sketch worked and relied on Renner’s strengths, rather than his ability to keep up with cue cards. Entertainment Weekly went so far as to say that The Stand Off skit provided the first genuine laugh of the Renner episode. Most people were actually surprised by Renner’s performance. His ability to poke fun at himself, and still be funny, is something most did not expect. Some critics did, however, make a comparison that this sketch paralleled other sketches a little too closely, such as the ‘overkill’ aspect which can also be seen in the digital short “Hero Song”.

Some fans of Jeremy Renner stated that they believed, The Stand Off was Renner’s attempt to show the public that he will not be typecast.