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Whole Foods Parking Lot
Have you seen the Westside LA White Boy Rapper and Chronicler of First World Problems, David Wittman, in his first breakout hit? Well, if you’ve ever shopped at a Whole Foods, you are going to love it. (Behind the Video…)

Did you love Jeremy Renner in Bourne Legacy, Mission Impossible, and the Hurt Locker? Check out this genius spoof of Rennner’s classic action characters in his SNL performance. (Behind the Video…)

Your Business Card is Crap!
Heard of Joel Bauer? He’s one of those motivational guru guys that people pay thousands of dollars to see speak at a weekend seminar to… well… get motivated, I guess. Our preliminary research indicates that he has made many millions of dollars in his career. So check out this video where he thoughtfully and critically assesses the business card of one of his clients. The best part: he is totally serious. The second best part: check out “the most impressive business card he has ever seen” — shockingly, it’s Joel’s own business card — and he spent 25 year designing it!  (Behind the Video…)

Part Time Model
Have you seen Flight of the Conchords? It was an HBO series about a two-man band from New Zealand seeking fame and fortune in NYC. The show only lasted 2 seasons, but the first season was filled moments of unmitigated genius, particularly the comedic musical interludes. In the first episode, Bret and Jermaine go to a party at Dave’s place where Jermaine sees, and instantly falls in love with, a girl he thinks is so beautiful that she could be a part-time model (but she’d probably have to keep her real job). The girl, Sally, also just happens to be Bret’s ex-girlfriend. Check out the song that captures the moment Jermaine falls in love.